February 25, 2015

My 50 shades or no 50 shades

My lovely readers! I'm covered with my blanket in my bed furious about all that talking s**t about 50 shades of Grey. I really needed to write this post to feel better. Again. It was the time when the books of  E. L. James (THANK YOU MADAM) finally started appearing in our bookshelves. I didn't buy them (don't know why), but I felt the urge to read them ASAP. I was on the the longest waiting line in my life at out library waiting to get my first part. So glad when I finally opened the book. It smelled like, something new. Then it started.

I became madly in love with the story. And NO, I'm not one of those Oh, hit me hard girl. I mean, what? When I read the trilogy, I made my vision of Mr. Grey. I'm talking about appearance, of course. It wasn't like Jamie at all. But hey, isn't that the magic the books are giving you? The imagination? After that the first pictures of Jamie as Mr. Grey came on the internet. The world was crushed. EVERYBODY was talking about what he looks like, that he's ugly, not a Grey at all, etc. I was...horrified. What kind of primitive society. Even if he wasn't exactly the Grey I imagined, I kind of liked him. How handsome man he is. Cute as hell. I mean, adorable. I bet he would become the Grey we wanted. And he did.
But then again, I think ladies didn't want him to be the One, that's why the verbiage started. I didn't mind. Still don't. I find him great.
And Dakota is like, the prettiest person alive! I cannot believe how incredibly great she played the Anastasia role. She was perfect, exactly like in the book. Do you also find her so naughty and so cute?
About the movie now. I was so exited to finally see it. And yes, the only thing that made me a bit sad was that the movie length is a bit long, some of the scenes that aren't so important could have been replaced with more important ones. I wish I could have seen Mrs.Jones! And a bit longer dinner at Christian's. But that's it. I love the story. Some people say it's a copy of another erotic book. Well, why don't we know more about it? They had a change to become known, but they didn't. That's not something about why I wouldn't sleep at night. But hey, when Avatar came out, no one really wrote critics. And it's a totally lame film. lamelamelame. Like TOTALLY. Even if it's made perfectly. I think people just don't have anything else to do and when a cool film starts to play, oh, let's just shake the world a bit and let others know that those two don't really have a clue about BDSM. Let's just talk about that for EVER. 

Another thing. I can't tell you how much I detest all those articles written by PSYCHIATRISTS!!!! about how sick this movie is and how it PROMOTES violence and so one. I mean, come on! All those professionals should maybe go see this film or read those books. And btw she allowed him.

Ps. I do appreciate other people's thoughts.
Ps #2. Can't wait for the second part to come.


  1. I couldn't disagree more :(
    I love reading your blog but this one just made me angry :D
    I will not try to prove you wrong because I know you will not change your mind and I totally respect your opinion. Maybe we can talk about it tommorow, with a cup of icecream in hand :P
    PS: I can't wait for the second part either, but this time I will not buy a ticket :D

  2. The funny part is that people who write how lame was the trilogy and that they won't waste the time for that, write the longest post about it. And just for clarifide.. Doesn't mean if you read the book where someone shoot someone, that you'll do the same.. Even if it's your fave book..

  3. It's true. It's just a story, like I said.

  4. I don't think I'll have much time today, I need to study psychofarm. But we can go take a coffee for sure. I can't wait to hear what you are thinking about this film. You better have some good arguments ;)

    Maybe I can invite you to see first part of the movie, and than you'll go see second part too ;)

    btw. Thank you both for reading :)

  5. I heard so much about 50 Shades of Grey (the movie) that I actually sat down on Friday night, and forced myself to watch it...

    I will be honest here.. I had high expectations, what with the rave reviews... but I felt a little disappointed when I saw it for myself. There were scenes that weren't really important and I'd have loved to have seen Mrs Jones (maybe she'll be introduced somewhere) but what annoyed me most was the blooming ending! for me the movie had only really begun to pick up and it was cut short. So... I definitely hope the next one carries on from where it was left off.


  6. Hey, first thank you for reading and your honest opinion. It's true, I missed Mrs.Jones so much, but I think I read that she won't be seen in any of those films:(. But I kinda liked the ending. I can't wait for the second film.

  7. http://everydayfeminism.com/2015/03/50-shades-of-abuse-10-signs-of-unhealthy-relationships-a-la-christian-grey/ i'm sure it's not your cup of tea, but i invite you to read this article, because it is written well, taking examples and explaining author's point of view :) (i only found streaming in russian so far, so i didn't see the film yet :D)


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