January 21, 2015

Apartment therapy

Talking with my friend the other day, she gave me a advice for my blog. I helped her brainstorm for her apartment renovation, so we were thinking what to do to get more space, which colors to choose and how to make the hallway brighter. Then she said: "Why don't you blog about the interior design?" I told her I wanted to study interior design, so she suggested to open a new section on my blog. I named it Apartment therapy. Literally. This is a therapy to me. I love browsing how my future home will look like, what's fresh and new and how do people style their homes.

Since here's rainy again, I made a cozy set. I choose warm colors that make your mood a bit better and you don't feel so much cold. Pink color goes great with this powder blue. Some candles and a great cup of tea of course, to relax a bit. Today I had an exam so I'm tired. A Yankee candle, warm socks and tea is all I need. Keep in touch for more design ideas.


  1. Great post girl!


  2. Thank you so much! I'm heading over your blog now:) xo

  3. I love apartment therapy and interior design! They make me peaceful and happy :D
    I'd like study interior design this year! Do you have any suggestion for a beginner like me?

  4. Hey! That's so great. You go girl! Maybe before you go to the University make sure you take a drawing class. It can help you so much. Be familiar with design programs and don't be afraid to take a hammer and try to build something :)
    Good luck, I'm happy for you:)

  5. Oh, you're so cute!
    I learned something about graphic by myself and now I'll try with design programs :) Finally I'll make this big step! :)
    Thank you soo much for your support!



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