January 24, 2015


I'm not talking about boyfriends. I'm talking about friends, who are boys. Why is there so easy to hang out with them? Where's the catch? Is it possible being friends with a boy?

When I was in high school, me and my friend always had this conversation where she persisted that a female and male cannot be friends, because there is always an affection between them. Or one likes another or someone loves another. Well, I, on the other hand, defended the other view. I knew that a man and a woman can be friends. How I knew it? Because I had plenty. Now not so much, but I have little and valuable friendships. With men.

This is my friend I met at college. I cannot imagine living without his tips, compliments and encouragement. He calls me when we're away and we talk about everything. His life, my life. Our goals, relationships, everything.

Why is so easy having a boy-friend? Because there is NO DRAMA, they understand you and like you even if you're wearing leggings and an oversized shirt. They invite you to get a coffee without any intentions to get you...somewhere :), but just to tell you how his day was and how could you help him with a girl he likes.
Boy-friend can invite you his house to watch a movie, where you can lie with him in the bed and nothing happens. Except a good laugh and some fresh news from the other day. They can help you with things ladies aren't supposed to do and they get you a present just like that, because you helped them sometimes.

Oh, boy-friends. what would I do without you. And I love them, you know. Not in a friend-zoned way. But as a pure friend, without lies and intentions. Strong as our friend bond is.

What's your opinion with those relationships? Do you agree with my schoolmate or me?


  1. I believe that girls & guys can definitely be genuine friends without feelings. I've been friends with a guy for about 9 years now & we share everything with each other. It's such a special bond & we definitely just understand each other even better than my girl friends.

  2. totally agree! It's great to have someone that doesn't talk about clothes or makeup (or cars) all the time :)

  3. I believe that girls & guys can be friends but truthfully, I think you're lucky. Its not easy to find a guy who can just be mere friend and nothing more. I am so jelly right now hehe but hey, its ok :)

  4. Hey Hana, haha, I think you'll find a guy where you'll feel that true bond you'll have with him. It's great feeling to have a boy-friend. They can help you solve so many problems and questions, about you, your life, they can fix something, etc. It's a nice company:)

  5. Hehe, I am glad you found someone you can share everything under the sun ☺. Me? My boy-friend is my husband now haha. No escape for me 🙊🙊


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