November 6, 2014

Thursday favorites

In the last few days I was very blissful. A bunch of people on my university told me that they like my blog and they feel like it is written for them.
Well, of course it is. I also had a little feedback from other bloggers and I cannot tell how much I appreciate it. Thank you for reading my blog, it's because of you The mint cup of tea exists.

And now, I know I should be studying, but it's just a little fresh post. I gathered together some things that inspired me this week and I felt like I should share them with you.

1. Freunde von Freunden: It's a magazine where you can discover how people in different cities live. You get to know their workplace, environment and home. I like the most posts where people write about the city pleasures they spend some time in. I love it. That's something I decided to do next year when I'm going to live in Graz for some time and than when I'll be finally spending some months living in Berlin. I honestly can't wait. That'll spice up my blog a bit.
2. Soley: I can't stop listening to this pretty lady. Her voice takes me to a place where I find peace (I know, sounds like a cliché, but I can't help it). I could listen to her like, whole day on repeat.

3. My little DIY project: I'm thinking about opening an Etsy shop, what do you say? I'm reading all of Pinterest tips on how to have your own shop. I started making jewelry and hand-painted mugs. I'll show you a ring I've made, tell me what you think:

4. After eight pleasures:
Yesterday I was spending some time in the city and found that all the shops are preparing everything for December. Little lights, Christmas figures and, of course food and chocolate! I bought myself a pre-gift: a chocolate Santa! Can't wait to try him a bit :) 

You can buy one right here.

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