November 4, 2014

Make money easily!

Usually i don't do posts like this, but since it helped me a lot, i think you should start using it. Basically you don't do much, but that 100$ monthly isn't that bad, right?


This app is called Featurepoints. You sign up and it gives you cash for just downloading apps and keeping them open for only one minute (games, etc.). Then you can delete it, of course. 
You can get your earnings via PayPal, itunes/xbox/amazon gift cards, ipad mini, etc. It’s pretty amazing. 

If want 50 points, you can use my code: CYWPG3 or use this link when you sign up: featu.re/CYWPG3

                                                               Try it, you won't regret it. xoxo


  1. Hey anyway to make extra cash is great for me!! Travel fund :)

    Love that pic it's such a cute idea!

    New follower! Hope to keep in touch! xx


  2. Thank you, you are so sweet.

    It's great to hear that someone likes what you post about:)

    We'll keep in touch for sure! xx


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