October 1, 2014

No kids, please

I was reading my favorite magazine the other day (Cosmopolitan, of course) and saw an interesting article. In fact, that was a letter from a lady who wrote about a controversial topic - she did not want children. She didn't feel that maternal instinct. She talked about how her boyfriend (or husband, i don't remember) was okay with her decision and than left her when his friend became father to a little boy.
I mean... That's when i started thinking about this.
I feel just like that lady. I don't feel like i'm going to be a mother someday. I like being around children, but i don't want to have one myself. I remember how my friends in high school said: now you're saying you don't want kids, but you'll see you'll be the first who'll have one. Well. That didn't happen. I still think children aren't the goal of my life. I want to have a relaxed life, where my afternoons would include reading a book, writing my blog, swimming in my pool and not running around with a kid, listening to his screaming at night and moaning when doing homework. 
Of course i will take care of my nephews or my cousins. I like spending some of my time with them. I also don't hate kids. When i see a beautiful kid on the street i honestly say "that little lady is so cute, look how she smiles". Today i saw a mum holding her newborn baby (that little lady wasn't more that 3 weeks old). She was adorable, dreaming in her mothers warm arms. Maybe i wish i felt something, but like i said, my maternal instinct was asleep. Or dead. 
When i heard that some celebrities feel as i do, i was relieved. I'm talking about Ellen DeGeneres, Zooey Deschanel (who really is my fav!), Cameron Diaz. Great. I'm not the only one.
I'd rather have two dogs. I'd rather run around with them. Kids can change your life, but i like mine as it is.
This picture is a bit old but this is my boy:)

So i know this topic may cause some negative comments, but like i said. This is how i feel. How do you? :)


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