September 27, 2014

Fall nails

I absolutely love autumn. The time of the year where it isn't so cold outside but you still put on your favorite sweater and go to a bonfire, eat pumpkin food and do yourself a fall manicure. As much as i love autumn i also love fall colors. Dark red, orange, brown, wow. That's also how your nails should be done this season.
1. Zoya has got a whole palette of purple tones. I love Mimi, Juno, Mikka,...The darker the better:)
2. Essie raspberry red tone if you wear brown or red clothes. It matches perfectly.
3. Essie style cartel. I'm not such a fan of blue nails but this one looks so dark-indigo i could use it everyday. :)
4. Essie smoking hot. This is the one. It matches with most of fall colors and this color really is smoking hot!
5. Julep has got cheap and great colors for any season. You can buy one from Amazon for about 15$, so it really isn't that pricey.
6. Marc. Jacobs. Of course. I use nude colors when i don't have much time and want to look very natural. You have to try some of his nude tones.

What's the most exciting about fall? :)

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