September 25, 2014

Autumn in the city

Yesterday i spent my day in the city. I wanted to take time for myself, don't use my pc for a day and relax a bit (although i walked around all day, but it was good). So the sun took me to the market where i enjoyed my coffee and smoothie. Of course my boyfriend went with me. We also met some people from one of our tv shows, so my guy was so happy, we wished them all the best.
Obviously i love this coffee and whenever i'm in the city, i drink one. Also a part of the money is donated to charity so i make sure i take a big cup to go :)
The rest of the day was full of different food, drinks and walking around the stores in old city.
Here are some photos i took:
This is me on only third floor of the faculty my boyfriend went to. I know i'm smiling but inside i wasn't so happy. I'm terrified of heights.

Our lunch was perfect. This is a goat cheese sandwich with lots of veggies:) And fresh made ice tea. Yum!

Yeah, i know. Don't forget the tip of the week.

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