October 4, 2014

Big monday!

So college started on Monday, i have so much going on my head right now. I spent a lot of money on my new agendas, pretty notebooks and weekly planners. Now i'm fully prepared for my last year on Faculty of mathematics, natural sciences and information technologies. I have already decided the topic of my diploma (but let's keep it secret for a while) and i'm full of energy. I'm thinking what i'm going to do after this year, what my goals are and this time, i will fully listen to myself. I'm thinking not going to master's and focus on something else. (Still not telling you anything-until i decide).

Felt like i was in the O.C :) 

Yesterday i went with my boy do some paperwork for college and after that we ended up on the beach having a delicious breakfast near the sea. (I could get used to that so easily). It was a lovely morning, boring afternoon an sporty evening yesterday. As usual i went to my face-force yoga practice and today i can barely walk :) 

ps. Since i'm new here, I am learning everything about making my blog readable, pretty and getting more audience. I look forward to that!


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