August 30, 2016

KYLIE Lip kit - Worth the hype?

You know the Dash clan, don't you? Since I'm not really a big fan of theirs, Kylie is a beauty bomb. Not genuine, but you have to admit it, she looks fab! Her cosmetics are sold out in minutes, sometimes the site crushes because of too many people shopping. Everyone started to hype all over her lip kits. They were so popular, a lot of fake ones got on the market. It was hard to say which one is original. After some time, I decided to get lip a kit myself.

Since all of nude colours were sold out of course, I decided to give it a go to the Posie K. It's not really a nude colour but a bit more pinky-purple one. The fall is coming and that may be the perfect time for darker shades. I saw she has also some hard core colours like black and blue, but I wouldn't use any of those to be sure. So how did I like it?

Firstly, the lip liner and liquid lipstick aren't same colour to be fair. I tried lip pencil at first. Good feeling on the lips (not sure if because of the price? :)), great liner if you want your lips to pop out a bit more, make them bigger and outline them. After that I applied a thin layer of liquid lipstick. Smells good, but maybe the first feeling is like wearing 10 layers of MAC lipstic - might be heavy, but I think it's worth it.

Combining all together, the kit lasts like a lot on your lips. I tried it for work, I ate, talked, drank, everything and the consistency and overall look was the same after more than 10 hours.
Even when washing your face it's hard to take everything off. Big like for that. Before this kit my all time winners were Mac matte lipsticks, now I wish I could own a Kylie liquid lipstick in shade of my MAC nude one. Can you imagine? Wow!

So, if you don't mind spending 30$ on this lip kit, you should get one! I love it. Do you own a Kylie lip kit? Do you think is it worth the hype?

Love, M.

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