August 23, 2016

Top motivational Instagrammers to follow right now

Hello my dearest readers! I've been off on my summer vacation this week so there wasn't a new blog post, but I'm back. What I've been doing this time is thinking about going on Wordpress to take my blog to the next level - you know, new layout, style, etc. Tell me down in the comments what do you think and if you have any tips :)

I was thinking about how a lot of bloggers try to keep it all a secret when it comes to discussing their favourite bloggers, Instagrammers, Pinterest boards for motivation, etc. I was one of them at first, but in my time of blogging I realised this isn't how you survive in this world. I completely changed my mind about blogging. Sharing is caring. That's how we roll and learn. And that's why I am now presenting my top Instagram accounts to keep you motivated and on track even if you have a block.

1. Mimi Ikonn is an online inspiration and healthy living expert. I adore her videos, snaps and photos so much, she's a real gem in this world. I've been following her for about 3 years now and can't wait to see her first born child. On her IG profile you can find everything from style to travel photos.

2. Monika from Sugarlove blog is my friend and fellow blogger, who inspires me with her dose of perfection when it comes to product and flatlay photography. Look at all the brightness over here and make sure to check out her blog! She's now on her 7 days blogging challenge.

3. The main influence for me when I started blogging and my biggest inspiration is Kate Lavie or Katie as I call her. Her videos are on repeat on my youtube - I love the way she looks and her accent too! She creates wonderful flatlays, her photos are so bright and rose-golded that drive me insane. Her sense of interior is so familiar to mine and I just...adore her.

4. Since college my biggest study motivator is Lilia from LilyLike. She is one gorgeous blogger and law student with so many tips about how to not going insane when studying. She also runs her youtube channel where I love her travel videos the most.

5. Sometimes my blogger "mentor" and otherwise just my friend and fellow blogger Sara from Passing fancy inspires me with her dose of vegan meals, great compositions and the cutest animals on her IG.

6. When not online for some time - I miss her the most. Ziva from Nothing fancy, really. We moved places at the same time so I couldn't wait for some stylish photos of her new place just to inspire me with some decoration ideas. She owns two cats and a baby dog and they are all so cute - a big family. Her IG is bright, pinky and organised.

Those are my current favourites. Who are you "stalking" right now? Leave me a comment below:)

Love, M.

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