January 20, 2016

Versace Woman

Hello my dear readers! For today I prepared a fresh and new perfume review post. When it comes to perfumes I am extremely picky. Not all of "the best ones" really fit my style. Although I own a lot of them, there are quite a few that I love and didn't cost me more than 20 euros. This time I went on a hunt for one more feminine, powerful and specific scent on Salma.si, where you can find some very good bargains when it comes to fragrances and makeup. I picked a bottle of Versace Woman fragrance.

Did you know that Gianni Versace came from one of the poorest parts of Italy? Nevertheless he had travelled a lot and became very eccentric and charismatic person. Since his death his family has been keeping his passion alive.

Well, let's get to business. First of all, I feel for this luxurious bottle. On the top it has like a ring with little purple diamonds. When you first smell it, you can sense the jasmine pretty strongly, which I personally love. I own other fragrances with jasmine as well and they suit me good. Then the fragrance develops a scent hugged with raspberry and delicate lotus. At the end you can sense a bit of wood and amber that make quite a harmony with previous notes. The scent is very intense and lasts so long!

I love how powerful and strong this scent makes me feel. I wear it for work as well as in the evening. I spray it on my hair too, yes, I know. If you are a bit more sensitive when it comes to scents, maybe this perfume could be a bit too intense for you.

Anyway, if you are more like me and ready to become a strong, powerful woman, you can but this perfume here, for a 50ml bottle you will spend 32 euros, which is pretty cheap for the great product you will receive.

Have you found any great bargains this time? Do you think this fragrance could suit you?

                                                                        Love, M.

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