December 3, 2015

Blogmas #3 - Gifts for home

Hello my dear readers! It's been a c r a z y day today. I went shopping for Christmas home decor and by the way bought a lot of things for Zoya, dresses, Christmas bows - she loves it.  After that I took a shower, got ready and went to work until now. I was on the hunt now for some home decor online that could be a great Christmas gift. This is my last Gift for something post, so enjoy it and I hope you find something for your home.

Home gift guide

I'm always ready for new Yankee candles, new mugs (got about 20 of them already), rugs, coffee from different parts of the world and with different flavours and I feel the same about tea, which I love the most. Zara home and H&M home has great stuff in their stores, but sadly not in our country. Luckily I'm near Italy and Austria, so that isn't really a problem.

Are you planning to buy anything for the home this year? Leave me a comment below :)

                                                            Love, M.

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