February 15, 2015

Babushka boutique

My dear readers! I think about you all every day. This week was c r a z y, that's why I'm writing this post now, on Sunday afternoon. I got a job. My first real job that I absolutely adore (I'll write about it in the upcoming post). Yay! But something more made me happy as a little girl this week. It was a big package from my dearest boutique: Babushka. Oh I love it so much. Whenever I'm in the city, I must stop by and buy myself something inspiring from this lovely shop.

So Neva from Babushka sent me some gorgeous things that help me dealing with my days more positive. I got this big black planner. I bought myself a planner from their store before, so I was thinking what will I use this one for? So I got an idea! This inspirational planner would be great for my blog assignments and my work to-do's, and that other one for college dates and dues and my life in general. My life is so much more organized now!
You know how obsessed I am with tea, right? This cup is all I needed. It's perfect for my early mornings. Did I mention how great that rubber cap is? It prevents tea for cooling for a long period of time. I love it! I like to drink my first tea slowly enough to do some other things, like check my email, read some articles and blogs. 

I mean, how did she know I need some relaxation in the evening? I get so exhausted after my job and then I need to study in the afternoon. By the time of 9 p.m, I cannot live anymore. I didn't try this bath salts yet, but I kept it open the other night and in the morning my room smelled heavenly. The smell reminds me of champagne and strawberries, like in those high class movies :) I would buy this salt when I run out of it definitely. 

So, dear Babushka, stay this classy for ever! I love you, and I bet my readers will step by when they see what kind of great and inspirational products they can buy at your little pretty home. It was great working with you.

Ps. I'm starting my own Etsy shop soon, so who knows, maybe you'll find my work in Babushka boutique too :)

Ps #2. You can find Babushka boutique in Ljubljana, Gosposvetska 8.


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