November 20, 2014

The ocean

You know that babies have a natural ability to swim, right? This firstly water-like fluid originates from the maternal plasma of course. That's also why water therapy is great to heal anxiety, to release stress,...I heard about it before, you lie in a small pool, full of hot (sea)water in a darker environment. 15 minutes of this kind of therapy equals 1 hour of deep meditation!!! Yay the sea!

I've lived by the sea for ever. I don't remember my first touch with the sea, but I sure remember my first swim without those arm bands I hated so much. There was no freedom with them! I started swimming early. I couldn't wait for summer to spend those three months living in the other country in our holiday house 100 meters from the sea. The water so bright, the spirit so good is what made me feel safe and infinite. 
By the time I grew up I discovered a deeper connection with the sea. It became my spiritual friend I needed so much that time. Every day I went to a local cliff and sat there for hours (I guess that's the time I found out about meditation?:). It calmed me, re-filled me with peace and energy and answered my questions. I watched the waves and listened to the sound of pure, endless love.
I still go there sometime, when I'm sad or when I need to concentrate on myself (or on the sea). That's something I think I couldn't live without. 

My only wish is to see the wide ocean once. 


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