October 7, 2014

The truth about college

Oh, my my...How much stress caused me this college. With every final my stomach in dancing all around, i'm sweating and cannot be still. Although i pass every time, this became a rutine for me, but i'm not really sure if this could be the positive stress. But it's not just about finals. It's about the whole system on college. Here's the truth, my dear college readers.

1. College IS stressful. A lot of exams, tons of books to read (because presentations AND your notes aren't enough of course - even if you write everything your professor says), assignments that have to be done by next week, articles to read by next day, etc. It's NEVER easy. I barely have time to go to a party. A lot of sacrifices must be done. But of course you can party, but that doesn't get you an A.

2. Be glad if you can work. I can't, because of all my to do's. That's how i must have my budget. You should have one also. Feeding yourself for 30$ could be a challenge, but a bit of creativity and your stomach will be happy and full. There are tons of apps for budgeting, try mint.com. 

3. What am I doing? I ask myself this question frequently. It's true that most of the time we really don't know what are we doing. But we have to decide to do something, taking decisions in advance and sometimes, this isn't a best idea. But hey, welcome to college.

4. Searching and writing articles, learning HOW to cite, how to write something properly and by the time you finally get it, college ends and you rarely need those things again. And even there are a lot of sources online, we still need to buy books the library doesn't have and that cost so much money.

5. How much is too much? Alcohol, coffee, junk food. Just because of too much caffeine you can suffer from insomnia, sweating, dizziness, increased heartbeat,...Remember: a daily dose is -500mg. And be careful with food. Junk food could be cheap, but calculate how much vegetables you can buy for one pizza.

How is/was your college?


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