October 18, 2014

Happiness is...

My dear friends!
In our country to get a bachelor's degree you must do some kind of "diploma", thesis, a research on a topic that you like. That's why i'm always talking about "diploma". So finally i decided what my topic would be: The role of yoga in stress management. I'm totally happy and proud of myself i came this far so fast. Now i'm writing the first part of it, and while reading and researching i came across one book that changed my view of..can we say life?
I mean. I knew our mind could do big steps for out well-being, i'm a psychologist, but here, in this book, there are cases of people with diseases like cancer and aneurysms and the thyroid gland problems that have healed themselves only with thinking of it.
And than i thought about it. And i still am thinking about it. I can't stop thinking how i think. But that's a major problem, especially with my anxiety. But i'm still trying. Please read this book, it's written for us, non-believers. 

What i wanted to write about today what happiness means to me. There's been a chain message on facebook where everyone that got a message should write a post why he's happy about. I got one too, but i've never written a post about that. Today i'll tell you what makes me happy and what happiness is:

- My family, my pets and my boyfriend. So glad i have them and their tremendous support. I don't know what i would do without them.

- Myself, my achievements and those who will come soon (if i'll work hard enough). I'm not skinny, i'm thinking with my own head, i have my own opinion and yes, sometimes i eat cake for breakfast. And that's what i like about myself.

- Happiness is when it rains outside and you can read books all day in cozy clothes and not go out for a sec.

- Happiness is when you try to pet your dogs and he gives you a biiiig kiss on your face.

- Happiness is when your college lessons become more important than sleeping in the morning.

- Happiness is eating a cookie while drinking a cup of coffee.

- Happiness is when you're sad and your mum gives you a big hug.

- Happiness is when you don't see your old friend for a year but you still talk and laugh with her every week so she doesn't forget you.

                    Happiness is being at peace with yourself in this big, crazy world.

What makes you happy?


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