October 17, 2014

Autumn, you are loved

Right now i'm totally enjoying where i am. In my cozy room, drinking a strawberry, banana and avocado juice and relaxing with some music. There's so cloudy outside, i think it's going to rain again. But i don't mind. That's something that comes with the fall. Let me say i'm totally in love with autumn (yes, sometimes i say fall and sometimes autumn. It sounds so...British:)

Halloween is coming soon, i have prepared my cozy sweaters and scarfs, i drink a lot of coffee with cinnamon and caramel, tea (of course) and enjoying everything orange and brown.

- About Halloween, i think that needs another blog post. I'll show you what we did last year and how will i spend Halloween this year. This is my favorite "holiday". My mum always replies to that: "yes, because you're a little witch." I think she's kidding:)
- We went apple picking some weeks ago and now i'm thinking of making apple cider or some pie. There's so many ways you can use apples. Pinterest is my motivator.

- I'm also still dreaming of my own Hunter boots. The black ones. So cool. 

- Pumpkin soup is something you should eat at least once a week. I'll post my recipe later.

- Deborah 15 nail polish is my favorite fall nail color

What do you love about fall?
                                                    Autumn, you are loved. xoxo

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