September 18, 2014

My face-cleaning ritual

So today i'm going to show you how i do my everyday face-cleaning ritual. I recently bought all those face-cosmetics. Before that i only had a Micellar water, a day cream and that's it. Than i realized i needed to care care of my skin much more if i want to look better with age (although i still have time, but in the other way, hey, i'm in 20's, when if not now?). So i spent a fortune and bought those 5 products for my (oily) skin: 

1. Cleansing gel: First thing i do is to wash my face (with micellar water), than i put on my Clean phase cleansing gel. I love this one, with hyaluronic acid and bisabolol. That really cleans my face, removes makeup and impurities. 

2. Tonic: Than i use my Clean phase tonic with astringent effect, it's alcohol free (perfect!). It contains hamamelis extract, as you know, lemon for example is great for oily skin. Than i leave it until it's absorbed (in the meantime i clean my teeth, brush my hair, etc.)

3. Serum: After that it's time for my Alpenrose serum. It's creamy and "softy".  It gives my skin intensive moisture and protects it perfectly.

4.,5. Cream: In the end i use my day or night creme. I love my Moisture match mattifying fresh cream during the day. I think it's perfect for my type of skin. In the evening i use Alverde passionflower night cream with almond oil, shea butter and jojoba oil. Those things help protect the skin from aging, free radicals etc.

Tell me, do you have any face-rituals? :)

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