August 26, 2014

What to do on a rainy day...

Like today...
It rains constantly from 11 a.m. I'm feeling so tired and overwhelming sadness on days like this. Except during the college year when i actually like rainy days because they increase my productivity. I do all my essays, seminars and my studying more efficient while looking at falling rain. Now i'm enjoying last weeks of my freedom (until college starts again), so here is my list of what to do on days like today:

1. Take a walk. With rain boots like these i wouldn't mind raindrops all around me.
2. Striped umbrella to remind you that sailor days are coming when the sun shines again.
3. Gossip girl. If you are more of a resting person when it rains wear something cozy and relax while watching your favorite series.
4. Mint muffin. (Goes hand in hand with mint cup of tea). Baking is also great while raining. You can make healthy cupcakes or muffins. Search some recipes on pinterest, i love it.
5. Read. I just can't wait the day Lauren Conrad's book is going to be mine. But currently i'm reading Jody Ellen Malpas' trilogy. The first book This man was SO GOOD. I read it in about three days.
6. Blankets. Just to make even more cozy atmosphere.
7. Do your nails. This may take a while so rainy days are perfect to do a manicure. Essie neon nail polishes are perfect to cheer up a bit (if rain makes you melancholic like me:)
8. Tea. No matter what, don't forget to make yourself a great and relaxing (mint cup of) tea. Today i'm drinking lemon balm tea, which is good for mood disorders, cramps and relieves PMS.(Just what i need:)

I hope you are enjoying those rainy days.

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