August 31, 2014

Sunday, story day

Today i'm gonna tell you a story.

It's a story about a boy "abandoned" when born. His parents were living abroad, working as all people do, and they decided to send their son, little baby, to his grandparents who lived in the country (and also in a home country) .
The years went by and he heard so little about his parents. They haven't even written to him very often. I don't really know how he must have felt, sad? A sadness so deep that maybe he suppressed a feeling that somewhere there live two people who he could call mom and dad. He was growing up with his grandparents who loved him a lot. Maybe there were situations where the boy called his grandmother as his mother. I don't think he understood the situation. Nevertheless, he was hard working boy. He helped on the fields and took care of the animals. His granny has taught him to cook and bake. His grandfather loved and protected him as he was his own son. They went in the forest together and came home with a big basket full of chestnuts and wild fruit. Than his real parents had another baby, the little boy got a sister. But she stayed with them abroad. How is that possible, they "threw" away their son and kept their daughter? 

After about 10 years the three of them came home and finally let their son to live with them. They never gave him any money and rarely bought him anything. Anyway, i don't know how he felt about his mother, but i can say he missed his dad so much. But even though he always loved a little bit more his grandparents (he stayed with them on holidays etc.)...When the boy turned 21, he moved across the country, found a wife, they opened their own restaurant, and two years later, they had a beautiful little girl. He still loves her more than his own life. When she was little, he did everything to make her happy. She got all the love he never received from his parents. That's because one day, when he was growing up, he promised himself that if he would ever have a baby, he will try to be a better parent. So the baby became daddy's little princess and he became her own king.

This is a real story. It's a story about my dad, how he grew up what he became. I can honestly say i never liked my grandparents (from his side) so much. I don't know, there's something about them...Or maybe i'm  just mad because of what they did to my king.  I love my dad very much, i care about him, and honestly, sometimes he gives me the best advice and the support i need in a particular moment. He seldom says no to me, he always buys me the things i need, pampers me when i'm sick and he's always there, that's what i think is the most important. 

So yaaay daddies! That's him (and little me):

"A little girl needs Daddy for many, many things: like holding her high off the ground where the sunlight sings! Like being the deep music that tells her all is right when she awakens frantic with the terrors of the night. Like being the great mountain that rises in her heart and shows her how she might get home when all else falls apart.Like giving her the love that is her sea and air, so diving deep or soaring high she'll always find him there."

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