September 23, 2015

Home: Part one

I recently opened a blog where I keep funny posts in my mother language and it gained like 1/9 of all Loving from Berlin views in a WEEK! Omg! Thanks so much for reading. I hope this blog would grow that much.
Anyway what's new here is that I'M MOVING!! My apartment will be very close to my family, but I'll still have enough space for myself. I'm planning like crazy, buying mattresses and making big decisions. In my new place I'm planning to try all of the recipes from our local cooks, having my friends over for dinner parties, having finally time for myself,..
I found out that Pinterest doesn't offer a lot of tips on moving, that's why I'm now launching my home series, where I will keep you on track with planning and moving away for the first (and maybe last) time in your life.


 So what to do first when you rent (or buy) a new place to be? Here's your first to-do list:

- check out electricity, find out where you will need more sockets, where should they be located,...
- also check out where water is located and draw on a piece of paper where and how will your rooms be located
- look at the ceiling, does it have any cracks? If it does, you will need to fix that first
- then decide which color you like and paint your walls
- it's time for lighting, but just main ones, you can buy others later
- make a duplicate of your keys!

That's it for the first part. The main things are set, so next time we'll talk more about basic furniture that you really need in a new place. I'll show you what kind of style I like the most and some pieces that I will use in my place. Stay tuned!
                                                                               Love, M.

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