February 2, 2015

Things Only 20-somethings Will Do

It's a guest post Monday! I'm so happy to work with Malia from cmalia.blogspot.co.uk. I was reading her blog and I was so delighted when she was in for some guest post swap. Since we're both alike, we decided to write about more mature themes. I think I feel good in my 20-something's, but growing up can be hard, but beautiful experience for ourselves. Here's what Malia thinks. I totally see myself in those descriptions, what about you?

You thought that your tween years were hard, but coming of age is the biggest change you will ever go through. You might be reading this as a just-turned-20, if so you're wondering why you can't stop feeling like a teenager. If you've hit 22, you've only just come to terms with being a 20-something and if you're 25+ well I'm yet to find out all about that.

Spending most of your early twenties worrying about not feeling like a grown up and realising how your vision of being 20 was completely different to how you always perceived can be shocking, confusing or depressing. Here are 10 things I think many of you 20-somethings might have stumbled across.

You're constantly researching about why the contraceptive pill is bad for you.
Though it can seem like the easiest way to not get pregnant, it comes with a whole lot of allowances. Putting on weight, irregular periods and awkwardly discussing your sex life with your doctor are just the few. Oh and missing a pill and panicking about whether the course of your life is just about to change in disastrous ways.

You can't wait to come to that settled self-certain place in you're life but are revelling at the idea of being a tumbleweed blown by the wind.

You thought you'd have it all figured out but you're actually no different to that 18 year old you (well in some ways). You still find yourself saying, "when I grow up..." Don't get me started on the realisation that we're in our 20s and we're already supposed to have fulfilled some of our 'grown up' ambitions. 

Celebrities are actually younger than us. Hurry up success, hurry up.

You're feeling broody. 
Babies, babies everywhere. Everyone around you seems to be getting pregnant.

Grown up things like moving in with your long term boyfriend or actually understanding how bank accounts really work excite you. 
How did we not know what an ISA was? Though there are some grown up things that won't excite. Paying the bills. Washing. Cleaning.

Homeware excites you, and if you're anything like me you love to shop at Waitrose and M&S Food.

Scented candles, a book/film and fluffy socks have become a regular thing.

You feel you need to dress more modest or grown up but don't want to let go of your slogan Tees. 
Yes, I'm thinking of THAT sheer "PARENTAL ADVISORY" slogan crop top you wore on your nights out. Hello sexy pencil skirts and blouses buttoned up right to the top.

You're struggling to do this whole workwear formalwear thing.
You realise that most of your wardrobe consists of hoodies, baggy jumpers and t-shirts and resolve to buy wisely in future.

Tell me what you've learnt as a 20-something in the comments below and over on Twitter @MaliaChoudhury. See more posts like this over on Malia's blog (cmalia.blogspot.co.uk)

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