January 29, 2015

Wanna Look Good in 20 minutes?

Guest post by Fiza Malhotra.
My beautiful friend is here today with her post on quickly making yourself ready for anything! I wanna thank her for her help to my blog and I hope we will work together in future too.

Fiza Malhotra is the main founder of Das Rock Haus, an up-and-coming fashion label inspired by and hand-made for the everyday women with the goal of bringing fashion to women who don’t seek to fit in with the current definitions and beauty standards as portrayed in the media. DRH Blog shares various topics from fashion and beauty to health, lifestyle and even recipes. In her spare time, Fiza is an avid swimmer and enjoys traveling and has lived in multiple countries including Canada, USA, Germany, and her hometown, Singapore. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice, Journalism and Philosophy from the University of Northern Colorado.

As someone who doesn't like to wear heavy makeup on a daily basis, I'm always looking for ways to minimize my morning beauty and makeup routine. I have combination skin and being that I live in tropical weather at the moment, my usual heavier makeup tends to cake up and slide off my face - which is no good at all! So, I've had to tweak my routine a few times to 'perfect' it and I find that the 'less is more' adage holds true in the tropics. 

This makeup look is really flexible in terms of colors and you can do it in under 20 minutes. Obviously you don't have to buy an entire new set - you can use what you already have but the important takeaway here is the simple steps you can take to enhance your already beautiful face. Understanding what makes you 'wake up' - for me it's eyes. It could be something different for you. Remember, we are all made different BUT we are all beautiful!
Here are the products I've used to create this simple yet effective look:

So how did all these products took me 20 minutes to apply? Easy!

For my face, I always start with a clean slate. Apply a thin layer of your toner, followed by your favorite daytime moisturizer. I then applied a layer of primer. This is important as it creates some sort of a barrier between your makeup and your skin. After that goes on the beauty balm. I swapped a heavy coverage foundation for a beauty balm as the coverage is much lighter and I don't want to feel cakey. Next I apply a thin layer of the loose powder. Use a large powder brush and the application will be quick. By the way, you CAN use your fingers/hands to apply your liquid makeup. Just make sure that they are CLEAN! Finally, take a contoured blush brush and apply the bronzer. What I do is suck in my cheeks and simply brush some color from the start of my temple (which is right where your ear starts) to the hollow of your sucked in cheeks and just go back and forth. Just blend it in so you don't create a stark line though. 

Next we get onto the eyes. I ALWAYS use an eye primer before anything else. Then, instead of using eyeshadow, I simply use an eyeliner to line 2/3 of my outer top and bottom of my lash line. For the top, I wing it out just a little bit and then use a clean eyeshadow brush to smudge that wing just a tad over my outer eye crease to create a very light daytime smokey effect. For the bottom, I NEVER blacken my waterline as that can make your eyes look smaller. Quick tip: To create a contoured eye and bring out your brow bone a little more, apply a nice white eyeshadow on the outer parts of your browbone - which is what I always do. I've always had nicely shaped eyebrows that I keep clean by tweezing them whenever I have stray hairs. What I do is just use a brown eyeliner and lightly 'draw' or 'color' a little bit into my eyebrows. I then soften it by using an eyebrow brush. Finally, just curl the eyelashes a bit and I use the Buxom mascara first as they create such a wonderful not-too-thin and not-too-thick base and then the waterproof mascara by Lancome. These two mascaras are my absolute favorites!

FINAL step is to just lightly dust the Make Up Forever HD Microfinish Powder with either a clean powder brush or a kabuki brush. Add your lip color and you're ready to go!

Here's the final LOOK. 
These steps many seem so many BUT they're all really quick and I don't have to spend forever primping in front of the mirror - I actually get an extra 30min snooze instead. Hey . . . beauty sleep is just as important!

Hope you enjoyed it!

With Love,
Fiza Malhotra
CEO & Founder
Das Rock Haus

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  1. Were you born in Singapore? hehe. I was born & bred there so I can imagine the weather in tropical rain forest region, although, I have moved to Australia now. Is Stay All Day® 10-In-One HD Beauty Balm With Broad Spectrum SPF 30 similar to tinted moisturiser?


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