October 26, 2014

How to love yourself

It's so cold outside, I've been a bit sick, my tummy hurts but still I'm positive and happy. Today i decided to reflect how you should love yourself. Because you should:)
I've never really been a thin and tall girl, but i still had a lot of good friends and a lot of inspiring opportunities from the environment. I'm glad about that. I'm glad that i wasn't someone who people shouldn't be friends with because of my weight or the way of thinking. No one should be in that position. No one can tell how you should think or do things.

Beauty? Yes. Very important. Which one? Your choice. Since i knew i couldn't been skinny as i wanted to, i decided (after years and years of unhappiness) to love myself the way i was. What happened? I got rid of some extra pounds, i became more healthy, i bought myself new clothes that i loved and that fit me and there i was: prepared for the life itself.

Knowledge. There is no book not to be read and no thing not to know. Grab every opportunity to learn something new and something that you are interested in. You'll see how satisfied you will be at the end.

Be open. For new love, friendship, job. Anything than can spice up your life. It's worth it.

Decisions. Oh, yes. Love them, as long as they are positive and that change my life in good way. I'm the kind of person who takes reeeally long time to think about something. If i have to make a decision, well, i think a lot about all pros and cons and budget and...Yes, most decisions i've made i'm glad i did. And for those i'm not...Well, at least i've learned something from them. I think my worst decision was to go in Italy to high school. I came back with chronic stomach pain, severe anxiety and a lot lower self esteem. But this part of my life gave me some good friends, i'm not afraid to go elsewhere and i know how to react in unpredictable situations. 
Now i know better how to decide about something. Right now i'm thinking of taking two years break and than do my master's. In that time i'll be working and taking yoga classes. Than i'll move.
And i know this will be the best part of my life.

Being happy never goes out of style. -Lilly Pulitzer

Tell me, what makes you special?


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