September 3, 2014

We don't have to do it all

In the last few days i was thinking if i could be suffering from a burnout or it's just because of this rainy weather?
I came today at my boyfriend's house and i feel quite okay. For now. As much as i'm trying to stay calm during this week, i can't stop thinking about all the things i must do. I feel tired.
I have a super hard exam next Tuesday, i'm studying like crazy, i'm thinking about my last year on college, i'm trying to find out what will i write in my diploma, etc.
I just wish that one morning i'll wake up and just breathe and be calm. 
That's why i am going to do some cleaning as i told you in Lost in thoughts.  I will clean my email, delete all of old contacts on my iphone (and make a budget, start saving for new one:), delete people i don't know or barely know from my facebook, keep up the good work with my blogging and try to take a lot of time for myself.
Also, i am going to visit some of my friends i haven't seen a long time. And those days while i'm away from home i'll eat. And drink a lot of tea. And finally watch the Hunger games. And also see some of my friends and hang out a little. And order some of Essie's nail polishes.

ps. Today i got my first red Vuitton bag, similar to Speedy Bandouliére 25. I love it.


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