September 7, 2014

Tea time everyone!

I was thinking i must do a post about my favorite teas at this moment and also for the beginning of fall. I absolutely love tea. This love story started some years ago when i had problems with my stomach pains and i couldn't drink coffee anymore (i still drink it very little, because it still hurts a bit, maybe only sometimes in the afternoon). That's why i started replacing my loved coffee with non-so-loved teas. But than i found out how healthy some of them are. I don't feel so hyper after drinking a cup of green tea, but it still is healthy in other ways. 
So i made a list of teas that i drink in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening.

1. Teas i drink in the morning: Mint, balm & lemon, green tea strawberry cupcake (it's so delicious) or green tea mandarine orange. I drink green teas from Lipton.

2. Teas for the afternoon: I love fruit teas in the afternoon. I'm a huge fan of Turkish apple tea and turkish apple tea with yogurt and lime flavor, raspberry vanilla tea, Cloud catcher tea (has ingredients that are healthy for your bladder, heart, blood pressure etc.) and almond cookie tea, which is a little bit sweeter. Personally i don't drink green teas to replace a cup of coffee in the afternoon.

3. Something like a guard of sleep: In the evening i have a mix of balm, chamomile, strawberry leaved, blackcurrant leaves, orange flowers, heather flowers, lavender flowers and rose petal teas. Also you can prepare yourself just one of them. Sometimes i drink a cup of chamomile or lavender for better sleep.
Find out which of them do you like best. I have a lot of them in the garden, so just let the leaves or flowers (of mint, chamomile and balm for example) dry in a box and mix them together in a teabag.

Have a good night:)


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